Policy Documents

Tuition Fee Payment Policy

This document aims to provide a guide to tertiary level institutions in developing a policy on the payment of tuition fees by students. While this policy is applicable to public tertiary institutions i.e. multidisciplinary colleges, teachers colleges, community colleges and universities, all institutions are required to observe the best practices which are consistent with quality assurance.

The policy is based on the assumption that in enrolling for any programme of study at a Jamaican tertiary level institution, the student accepts responsibility to pay fees set for the course/programme of study. The student is also responsible for timely payment of tuition fees.

The intent of this policy is to provide guidelines to public tertiary level institutions operating in Jamaica to regulate, but not dictate in an absolute sense, the conditions set by these tertiary level institutions in shaping their tuition payment policy for students. The policy also aims to create a fair environment where students are afforded the opportunity to be able to honour their obligations. In addition, for quality assurance purposes, it assists to establish a standardized policy for tuition fee payment across local tertiary level institutions. (Read more…)

The following Policy Documents are being developed and will be made available when ratified and approved:

  1. Determining the True – Cost for Pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in Jamaica.
  2. An Analysis of Local Graduate Tracer Studies and Implications for the Labour Market.