Jamaica Baptist Union

Institutional Profiles

Jamaica Baptist Union Established: 2004

Name of Principal/President: Andrea Wilmot

Board Chairperson: Chairman, Jamaica Baptist Union Mission Agency(JBUMA)

School Organization:

Not a school at this time, The JBUMA offers a programme (list of courses and seminar dates previously submitted)

Award: (i.e., degree, diploma, certificate)
  • Diploma or Certificate
Programmes being offered:

Registered Institutions


Graduate of a high school / assessment of life experience

  • Gender:Co-educational
  • Age range of students:20 years and upward
  • Capacity:40
  • Enrolment: 28
  • Attendance Rate: 25%
  • Number of Lecturers: 15
  • Administrative Staff – 4
  • Ancillary Staff – 2
  • Student to Lecturer Ratio:
  • Owned by: JBUMA