About J-TEC


About J-TEC

The Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (J-TEC) is being established as the regulatory and supervisory body for the tertiary sector based on the Cabinet Decision of 1/11. By way of legislation, J-TEC will be a Commission, that is, a Statutory Body governed by a Board of Commissioners (Directors) appointed by the Honourable Minister of Education.

As a Commission, J-TEC has a key role in protecting all stakeholders. This is done through various mechanisms including:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date register of local and international institutions operating in the Jamaican space.
  • Receiving and investigating complaints and queries regarding Higher Education institutions, their programmes and operation.
  • Ensuring institutions have appropriate student services as a condition of operating.
  • Conducting ongoing public education to build awareness of the functioning of the sector.

J-TEC aims to make Jamaica the place of choice for Higher Education by:

  • Marketing Jamaica’s Higher Education system.
  • Establishing a system of “recognition of qualifications” of national, regional and international certification with that of Jamaican institutions.
  • Ensuring Jamaica’s compliance with all international conventions relevant to education.
  • Keeping up-to-date with international best practices.

In improving the quality of Higher Education in Jamaica, J-TEC is committed to providing information through research. This involves:

  • Developing an agenda of relevant research.
  • Having a database of research conducted in Jamaica and beyond various subjects.
  • Being the port of “first call” for information on the status of local institutions.
  • Researching and responding to enquiries by students, institutions, etc. on “recognition of qualifications” and of credentials.
Transforming the Higher Education Sector

J-TEC’s strategy to transform the Higher Education system incorporates measures to maintain the relevance of the sector. These include:

  • Identifying the type of courses required to prepare enrollees in institutions for the workforce.
  • Encouraging institutions to develop required programmes over a specified time frame.
  • Being aware of national development needs.
  • Transforming institutions to meet these needs in terms of curriculum, teaching and learning modalities.
  • Ensuring institutions have the infrastructure and human capacity to offer the programmes as marketed.

As the gateway to world-class quality Higher Education, J-TEC aims to increase access to tertiary education by:

  • Encouraging and assisting institutions on issues of alternative delivery modalities, for example, distance education to ensure geographical and curriculum coverage.
  • Advising institutions on capacity development to increase coverage.

Vision A Higher Education system of the highest quality driving national and personal development.

Mission To work with Higher Education institutions operating in Jamaica to ensure that they are internationally competitive, relevant and accessible.

Goal To improve the quality of Higher Education in Jamaica, consistent with the highest global standards.

Role To establish and maintain quality and world-class standards in Higher Education through:

  • Regulation
  • Registration
  • Development