GoHiGHER Conference 2018

The GoHiGHER! Conference 2018 is the premier college and career development conference in Jamaica. If you are a:

•    5th or 6th form Student
•    College Student
•    Recent Graduate
•    Pro-Active Parent
•    Educator or Guidance Counsellor

This event is for you!

GoHiGHER! Conference will be held on Wednesday, October 31st 2018 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Jamaica Conference Centre.  This event, under the theme “Ready for Next!” will empower attendees with the support needed to make a successful transition into college and subsequently into fulfilling careers.

Background to the GoHiGHER! Conference:

Higher Education is recognized as a critical driver for economic and social mobility. However, a general lack of proactive planning on the part of parents in relation to this critical transition results in students encountering the following challenges:

•    Lack of access to financial support
•    Inadequate career planning
•    Deficiency in job market readiness

GoHiGHER! Conference Objectives:

In light of these challenges the GoHiGHER Conference will be executed as a one day conference to empower and improve the preparedness of Parents, Students and Educators.
The conference will address the following topics:

•    Understanding the associated costs of Higher Education
•    Financial planning and budgeting for education
•    Scholarship hunting and applications 101
•    Career planning and Venture creation

These topics will be examined by keynote presenters. In addition there will be a student forum which will allow students the platform to share there journey and experiences  in pursuit of Higher Education. This platform will empower attendees to better navigate the challenges and pitfalls that may be awaiting them on there higher education journey.

Who should attend the GoHiGHER! Conference:

•    Current upper level secondary school students. (5th & 6th Form Students)
•    Current university and college students.
•    Recent graduates of universities and colleges


This event is FREE of charge. Register now by clicking here:

Conference Keynote Highlights

Nicole McLaren Keynote:

College Preparation 101

Carlton Stewart Keynote:

Financing Higher Education

Erica Simmons Keynote:

Career Planning: Decoding Industry 4.0

Monique McIntosh Keynote:

Career Planning: My Leap Into Entrepreneurship

Tyrone Wilson Keynote:

Career Planning: Exploring the Digital Economy