The Jamaica Values and Attitudes (JAMVAT) Programme for Tertiary Students

The Jamaica Values and Attitudes (JAMVAT) Programme provides assistance to tertiary students who qualify for admission, but are financially challenged to cover their tuition cost. Access to this programme provides the opportunity for students to participate in the development of the nation’s social capital through their contribution of 200 hours of public service. In response, the  government pays 30% of the student’s tuition cost, which should not exceed $350,000.00 per annum.

Student view JAMVAT program details at a college fair

The objective of the programme is two-fold. JAMVAT promotes the participating students’ awareness of his/her civic responsibility while simultaneously encouraging the positive values and attitudes necessary for community development and nation building. Application Process: Applications are accepted between April and May of the programme year and are received through each participating school’s JAMVAT Liaison Officer or may be submitted directly to The Ministry of Education’s Tertiary Unit at 2 National Heroes Circle, Kingston. The application form is designed to determine the applicants’ suitability for entrance into the JAMVAT programme. Financial need is a primary consideration and the second being the demonstrated ability by the student to satisfy the portion of the tuition payment that the grant will not cover. Consequently, the applicants must provide personal data, a recent photo, employment details, student status details, the nature of current financial assistance, the amount of current savings, household details, listing of household members and the particulars of two referees. The form must be signed by the applicant, witnessed and dated. If the applicant is under 18 years old, the application must be co-signed by the parent or guardian.

Application packages may be downloaded from the National Youth Service website at http://www.nysjamaica.org/JAMVAT-Application-Form-2017-2018.pdf. Tertiary institutions have Liaison Officers who can assist students in completing and submitting application forms. The approval process is approximately six (6) weeks after the close of application after which time the approval list is published in batches and made available on the website. Incomplete applications are routinely disregarded therefore the onus is on each student to ensure that the application is accurate and complete. Copies of the approval list as well as programme updates may be accessed at any of the following locations:
  • (a) The Ministry of Education website at www.moe.gov.jm.
  • (b) The office of JAMVAT liaisons at each school (for information on liaison aides contact the Student Affairs or Guidance & Counselling Department at the tertiary institution).

Voluntary Service:Once a prospective participant has properly verified that he/she has been awarded provisional acceptance to the programme, he/she will be provided with a Start-up Package. This package contains all the relevant materials for students to initiate and complete voluntary service at an approved location. Participants are required to contact the JAMVAT office to confirm their approval or the eligibility of the selected placement site. Failure to do so may result in loss of JAMVAT benefits should the placement site selected be deemed inappropriate. The participant is required to sign, date and have witnessed the formal agreement regarding their involvement in the programme. This agreement details the programme requirements and benefits. It also stipulates conditions for release, suspension, and termination and the grievance procedures available to participants. Special Placement ProgrammesWith the relocation of JAMVAT to the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission on June 22, 2015, two special placement programmes have been added. Students pursuing disciplines in the Social Sciences may access the JAMVAT ISO 9001 Junior Consultant Special Programme, and those pursuing disciplines in the Natural Sciences may access the JAMVAT Values and Attitudes Promotion and Monitoring Officer Special Programme.