Frequently Asked Questions by Students

icon Frequently Asked Questions by Students

How can I tell if a school is accredited?

A list of accredited programmes and UCJ-approved degrees may be found by clicking If the institution is not accredited by the UCJ, it is possible that it may be accredited by another agency in another jurisdiction. Check with the institution to find out the accrediting agency.

How can I learn more about a school?

If accredited by the UCJ, an institution would have had to comply with the stipulations of their Boards of Studies, which establishes minimum acceptable standards for programmes of study leading to degrees, diplomas and certificates in the various fields, to form the basis on which programmes will be accredited. In addition, most established schools maintain websites from which you can access information on their specific programmes.

What do I do if I have a complaint about a school?

The Fair Trading Commission (See and the Consumer Affairs Commission ( are the two government agencies to which students can lodge complaints. However, with the establishment of J-TEC, the Commission will be collaborating with both agencies, through the mechanism of Memoranda of Understanding, to help resolve students’ complaints.

As J-TEC consults with its student stakeholders, more relevant questions will be added.